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Zero fees for your organization's participation.

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use the card to pay for groceries, gas, phone bills, etc.
2% of every purchase becomes a donation and a tax write-off

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Consistent Revenue Stream

With 2% of every purchase going back to your organization, you can be confident you are supporting the cause most important to you. Every purchase will help fund your organization.

Heightened Awareness

An instant conversation piece, the branded credit card will have everyone aware of your mission and local impact.

Endless Potential

Funds with NO strings attached. Impact your community in a way that makes sense to you. Every community has unique needs, you choose which programs and local issues to focus on.

Nonprofits and charities are what keep our communities thriving.
They need our support more than ever!

Benefits for
Benefits for
Community awareness for your place of worship
Thousands of dollars to help you uplift and serve your members
Unrestricted funds so you control how you spend your money
We understand that the most important part of your organization is your faith, and that's why we want you to focus on just that. We are taking the hard parts out of fundraising so you can maximize the time and energy you put into your organization.
We also know that your members are what make your organization thrive. With the Higher Rewards credit card in their pocket, they will not go a day without thinking of the power of your organization and their faith.
Benefits for
Benefits for
Unrestricted funds with no regulations from your board, donors, or 501(c)(3) status
Thousands of dollars to help you serve even more of your community in a way only you can
Awareness of your organization's mission and the power to fund it the way you want to
We understand that sometimes you need money for things that donations just don't - or quite frankly, can't - cover. Having good people run your nonprofit is just as important as the work you are doing. We want to provide you with unrestricted funds so you have full control over your financials.
We also understand that fundraising can be a huge bump in the road that prevents you from serving more people in your community - that's why we offer you a passive, consistent revenue stream so you can empower your community that much more.
Grow your funding.
Gain the freedom to serve your local community in a way that only you can
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