For Organizations

How can I join Higher Rewards?

Begin your journey with Higher Rewards using our simple online application https://higher-rewards.webflow.io/apply.

How much funding can my organization receive from Higher Rewards services? 

Your organization will receive 2% cash back on your members' purchases.

How does Higher Rewards serve organizations?

Higher Rewards supports its constituents by providing a personalized credit card that earns 2% cash back on every purchase. Additionally, we provide marketing materials, credit card design services at no additional charge.

How is Higher Rewards funded?

Higher Rewards receives funding through merchant fees, interchange fees, and interest. Through this business model, we are able to maintain our commitment to provide this service and access to passive donations for free.

What are passive donations?

Passive donations are a way to generate funds without requiring donor campaigns or connections. With Higher Rewards, your team will be able to set up a consistent funding source that can generate more funds over the long run, and after the initial setup, will require minimal maintenance from your team. In all, setting up passive donations is a low-risk and easy strategy to bring in additional funds to drive your impact.

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For Card Holders

How does the Higher Rewards card work?

For every purchase you make, your organization earns 2% cash back. Swipe and donate. It's that easy

How often should I use my card?

Higher Rewards recommends using your card on everyday purchases, such as groceries and gas, in order to maximize your donations.

How can I access information about my card?

You can access card information through logging in to the online portal or dialing the support number on the back of your credit card.

What other resources does Higher Rewards have?

Higher Rewards offers a variety of financial literacy resources (i.e. workshops, guides, and FAQs). Stay connected with us to learn more!

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